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Permit No. ______________



Phone: Day______________________Evening:___________________



Name of Organization_________________________________________

Purpose of Rental____________________________________________


____Four Corners Room    ____American Legion Room

____Both Rooms    ____ Kitchen     ____ Bar


Event: Day/Date/Time _________________________________________

Set-up/Clean-up time needed: __________________________________

Please have______tables and _______________chairs available


Rental Deposit $________  Date paid____________ Check #________

Received by______________________________

Rental Balance $________  Date paid____________ Check #_______

Received by______________________________

Damage Deposit  $250.00   Date paid____________ Check #________

Received by______________________________


Damage Deposit Refunded $___________ Date___________

Refund denied___________________________________




The following rental fees shall be charged for the use of the Treynor

Community Center:

*The kitchen is not equipped with utensils, pots, pans, etc.


Four Corner's Room: Includes the use of the kitchen

Friday/Saturday/Holiday Rate:  $500.00 

Sunday through Thursday Rate $300.00


American Legion Room:

Friday/ Saturday/Holiday Rate    $150.00

Sunday through Thursday Rate  $100.00

Kitchen Rental (if available)       $ 25.00

*(Kitchen is only available if not in use by the Four Corner's Room)  

*Renter will accept the American Legion Room as is.


Both Rooms: (Includes the use of the kitchen)

Friday/Saturday/Holiday Rate    $600.00 

Sunday through Thursday Rate  $400.00


Holidays Defined:

The following are considered holidays for the purpose of rental pricing:New Year's Eve; New Year's Day;

St. Patrick's Day; Easter; Memorial Day; July 4th; Labor Day; Halloween; Thanksgiving Day;

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.



A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee will be required to reserve a date. One half of the deposit

will be returned if the reservation is cancelled more than 30 days in advance of the reserved date. No

deposit will be returned if the reservation is cancelled less than 30 days before the reserved date.



A damage deposit of $250.00 will be made no less than 10 (ten) working days or 14 (fourteen) calendar

days before the reserved date. All damage deposit checks will be cashed upon receipt. No refund check

will be issued less than 1 (one) week after the event. All or part of the damage deposit may be withheld

for an unacceptable inspection of the building according to the Community Center Check List. All or

part of the damage deposit may be withheld for non-compliance with the contract Rules and Regulations.



1.  All rental deposits (50% of the rental rate) are due when reservations are made. The Community

Center will be rented on a first come first serve basis. The City must receive a deposit and signed

contract in order to reserve the Community Center. The date will be held for twenty-four (24) hours

before the contract and deposit is received. If a renter requests a rental and a deposit has not been

received within 24 hours, the rental will be taken off the schedule. The remaining rent and the damage

deposit is due no less than 10 (ten) working days or 14 (fourteen) calendar days before the reserved date. 

*Reservations will be accepted up to one year in advance.

2.  Priority will be given to City of Treynor sponsored events in the Community Center and to Treynor

American Legion sponsored events being held in the American Legion Room.

3.  Civic groups that contribute to the community, local youth, and local church groups will be required

to sign the rental contract to use the Community Center, with no deposits or rental fees charged for

their regular meetings. They will be required, however, to pay rental fees, but not deposits, to use the

Community Center for events they hold outside the scope of their regular meetings. They will be

required to clean up after their meetings and events and be responsible for any missing items or damage

to the building or its contents during ther use of the Community Center.

4.  NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES shall be brought into the Community Center. The Treynor American

Legion Post #725 has the exclusive rights to operate the bar. The Renter of the Community Center must

contact the American Legion to request bar service.

5.  If both the Four Corner's Room and the American Legion Room are rented on the same day by two

different parties, the bathrooms and the parking lot will be shared.

6.  Decorations shall not be attached to the structure of the Community Center. The Renter may check with

the Community Center manager for exceptions at the manager's sole discretion.

7.  Any Renter signing the rental contract will be responsible for any damage to the facility and its contents

or missing items during their usage of the facility. Any cost will be deducted from the damage deposit fee.

Any damages in excess of the damage deposit fee will then be immediately paid by the Renter. This section

shall also specifically apply to equipment or property owned by the American Legion Post #725 that is on

the premises.

8.  There shall be no rice, confetti, bubbles, silly string or birdseed allowed in the Community Center.

9.  Tables and chairs are not to leave the Community Center.


11. The City of Treynor will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

12. The Renter may request access to the Community Center the day before the event (to set up) for a full

day's rental fee provided that the area has not been rented for that day. However, if the facility remains

available the week before the event, then the Renter may rent it for the day before the event (to set up)

by paying a one hundred dollar ($100.00) rental fee for that day.

13. The person making the request for the use of the Community Center must be at least 21 years of age

or older. A photo ID is required.

14. The Pottawattamie County Sheriff's Department may be notified by the City of Treynor for large events

and for events where alcohol will be served. Sheriff's Department Deputies shall be allowed to enter the

Community Center at any time to ensure the safety and welfare of the people within.

15. No animals, except Seeing Eye or other therapy dogs will be allowed in the Community Center.

16. Any spill, wet or dry, will be cleaned up at the time of the spill.

17. All trash will be tied up and put in the appropriate receptacle. Excessive trash incurring additional

pickup charges will be billed to the Renter and taken out of the rental deposit.

18. The Renter and all of its guests, invitees, employees, agents, etc., must abide by the rules set forth

in the rental contract or the City of Treynor may refuse the Renter any future rental requests and may

withhold any or all of the damage deposit.

19. The City Council may determine a yearly fee and deposit for Renters requesting numerous

reservations throughout the year. Such determination will be made on a case by case basis and be set

by a resolution.

20. The Community Center may be occupied after 6:00 a.m. and shall be vacated by 1:00 a.m. If the

Community Center is not rented out the next day, for an additional fee of $100.00, the Renter may have

until noon of the day after the event to clean the facility.

21. No Renter will receive a key unless special arrangements have been made with the City. City

personnel or its manager will allow entry to Renters.

22. The Community Center Cleaning Check List will be reviewed by a City representative and a

representative of the Renter prior to occupancy. The Renter and the City representative will sign

the initial checklist and note any discrepancy in conditions. The City representative will examine the

Community Center and review the Community Center Check List after each event to determine

whether the damage deposit should be refunded. In the event the Renter is allowed until noon of the

day after the event to complete the cleaning, it must be finished no later than noon. If it is not,

the Renter forfeits the rental deposit in full and the City will clean the facility.

23. No fog machines, smoke machines, theatrical smoke, fireworks or similar items or devices are

allowed to be used in the Community Center.

24. If the fire alarm goes off, the building must be evacuated and 911 must be called for immediate

Fire Department response. No one shall re-enter the building until permission is given by the

Fire Department.

25. If the Renter or guests create a false fire alarm, the Renter will forfeit the entire damage deposit.

26. The Community Center will only be used for lawful activities and under federal, state and local laws.

Any violation shall be strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of this Agreement.

27. Special terms for contract.



Renter hereby agrees to indemnify the City of Treynor,Iowa, and The American Legion Post #725,

their officers and employees, and defend against all claims brought or actions filed for any and all

claims, suits, actions, debts, damages, costs, charges and expenses, including court costs and

attorney's fees, and against all liability, losses, and damages of any nature whatsoever, including but

not limited to property damage and personal injury, including death resulting at anytime therefrom,

arising from any act or omission, either active or passive, of the Renter, invitee or guest of Renter or

any person acting on his/her/its behalf arising from the activities sponsored by Renter at or on the

Treynor Community Center, or resulting from the use of city-owned equipment or equipment owned

by The American Legion Post #725 located at the Treynor Community Center.


Renter hereby agrees to follow all the Rules and Regulations of the City of Treynor Community Center

Rental Contract and does accept financial responsibility for all damages to the facility and its contents

or missing items during their usage of the faclity and all other obligations set out herein and provided by law.


______________________________                     _____________

         (Signature of Renter)                                       (Date)


______________________________                     ______________

    (City's Authorized Signature)                                 (Date)


Manager in charge:  Brook Jensen

                               (712) 566-3016